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Related post: Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 15:16:41 -0400 From: m yonge Subject: Patrick and the GhostDISCLAIMER: This is a story tenn porn pedo cp out the fantasy pedo porn photos that is my mind. It is a story that deals with homosexual material. If you live in a jurisdiction that by some law or reason prohibits you from reading this material then please kinder pedo free do not read any further. If homosexual material like this offends you then you should stop reading as well.Though frankly if homosexual material offends you I can't understand why you would be here in the first place.The following is a list of other stories that I have written and posted in Nifty.orgTitle Category DateJoes-Bar pedo pis sex pedo gratis Beginnings 07-Nov-02 Brother Pat Adult Youth kids incest pedo 07-Nov-02 Arthur and Joe Beginnings pedo masturbation pics child pedo ru 03-Apr-03 Tour Guide Adult Youth 15-Apr-03 Father Greg Adult Youth 15-Apr-03 JeffryandJason sex pedo photo Adult Youth 18-Jul-05 Of Gord and John Beginnings pedo kid child ilegal 29-Aug-05 Sons of Seth and Cain Celebrity 24-Oct-05 Ham Celebrity 28-Oct-05 Aaron and Zaph Historical 14-Nov-05 What If (Series) Adult Friends 09-May-06 What If\Ralph pedo kdz cp 02-Dec-05 What If\The Reverend free download pedo child asian pedofilia video pedo extreme 06-Dec-05 What If\ The Gym young sex pedo pedoland tits 07-Apr-06 What If\ The Ranger Base rape pedo boy 09-May-06 David and Ike Adult Youth 16-Jun-06The copyright of this illegal pedo picture gallery material is mine, subject to the agreement under this website. I pedo kiddy porn fuck trust that you will enjoy reading the stories as much as I have enjoyed writing them.If you have any comments to pass on, I would very much like to have them. You can write me at: myongehotmail.comMike Patrick and the GhostThe old man raged with fists flying at his son. "Get out of my house and don't ever come back, you vile disgusting creature."Patrick Lucas, ran before his father's onslaught, avoiding as he could the flailing fists. He soon found himself flung out into the courtyard of the manor that had been his birth home. He could see his mother at a window weeping. He could cp pedo xxx kds still hear his father raging inside that he had no son. He stood there in the ever present rain that falls in the fall of the year in the Northern part of Ireland.As he stood there not really knowing what to do next, his father came outside, with two of his male servants , actually stable hands."Da" Patrick Lucas began. But that was all he was given time to say. The stable hands obviously as ordered inside by his father came at him. The next thing he knew he was being roughly dragged from the courtyard, and thrown down outside the gate into the mud. .As he heard the gates clang shut behind him, his father shouted after him "You don't come back here or I will kill you"The year was 1842.Patrick Lucas was pedo photos free kids the son of a lesser peer in Ulster who while not wealthy was also not without means. The family had centuries before come from County Donegal to the west. There they had owned a much vaster estate. But as happened to many of the native born gentry of Ireland they were either dispossessed or as Partrick's ancestor had managed to rescue the family through some fancy political manipulation and obtained a xxx pedo movies new location smaller but liveable in Ulster.Patrick Lucas therefore as son of a Peer of the Realm was enrolled in a private school. Patrick Lucas was in School in Belfast.Now in his sixteenth year this was pedo boy rape galleries to be his last in the school before he would be off to Trinity where he was to take orders. As the youngest son, there was really nothing else for him. His father's estate would be entailed away to his older brother. There was naught but a small inheritance left for him that would keep him. As devout Catholics his family, (unusual in itself for that time for many in the peerage to be Catholic), as devout Catholics it was determined that he would take orders. And so it was to be..until last week.What hentai pictures pedo happened last week in the dormitory of the school he was attending would alter his life forever. It would destroy him.It was not out of the ordinary in the dormitories of private schools of that sites de pedofilia time for the older boys to find pleasure in the younger boys. For most of these situations it was nothing more than power, and in some ways consensual rape, as the young "victims" allowed pedo asian porn it to happen to them without complaint, not necessarily sakura con pedo because they enjoyed it but it was expected. When they left school it was over for most of them. It rarely happened that two boys would form a asian pedo site real attraction and bond. The problem was that for Lucas, as everyone but his Father called him, for Lucas is was not rape, as a matter of fact he found that he was quite liking it. He encouraged the older boys to take him and they did that quite willingly. When he worked his way up through the years he found himself mourning when some of the older boys left school. However as he arrived at some of the older forms he found that it was his turn to take the younger boys that forbidden pedo sites came to the school as he had been taken those years before. And so it was, that last year, that last fall, he had made an attachment with the young son of one of the Earls.While there was an unwritten rule about going above your station for your pleasure, for the most part the young men turned a blind eye to that rule. In this case however after Lucas and the young Lord Mark had been together several times they were "discovered" by the Master of their dorm. Unfortunately for Lucas another of the upper form boys had also taken an interest in young Mark and he pedoland videos also being an Earl's son saw to it that Lucas's breach of protocol would be paid for.And so Lucas not two weeks later found himself caked in mud wandering about the countryside, homeless, begging for food, being chased from place to place, digging pedofilia free movies up what potatoes and turnips he could find in the dark of night. As the days and the fall progressed, he found himself wandering further and further toward the north and west until in the county Donegal around the end of November cold, sick and starving he found himself at the ruins of an old Monastery overlooking the Ocean from the high cliff on which it was perched.600 years earlier.Aiden was the youngest son of a lesser petite pedo lord in the territory of Ui Niell. There was no land for him and his father had no interest in him. He was the product of an ill considered night of lust. In a word he was unwanted and it was only because of his strong willed mother that he survived pedophilia free xxx at pedofilia pussy picture all.He grew up abused by all but his mother and nurse. When he was ten years old in the year 1230 his father decided pedo pages nude enough was enough and had him sent to a small monastery of sorts on the coast, as his father hoped, to be forgotten and out of sight.There he stayed for the next twelve years. For the most part his lot was actually an gallery pedo sexe improved one and though he sorely missed his mother and nurse, the brother monks took good care of him . with the exception of the Prior who was not at all happy having to take in this child.Aiden was put in to the care of another monk the Prior was not fond of either. kids pedo sex pics Brother Aerin was the cook for the Monastery. Aiden was to draw the water, help prepare the meals, tend the livestock and generally stay out of the way of the others.The first two years went by fairly uneventfully. It was when he was about twelve years old that Aiden one day bowing before the Prior begged permission virtual pedo porn to learn to read. It was his good fortune more than planning that he asked this as the other brother monks were entering for the evening meal.The prior looked malevolently at the boy bowing before him. "Read? You?" The older man mocked. He was about to kick the boy out of the way when Brother Ethan came to his rescue."Lord Prior" using an exalted title that the head of the house favoured but was rarely called by his subordinates. "Lord Prior I would be happy to teach the lad to pedophilie gallerie xxx read. I could use another reader and another scribe in the scriptorium. He is a bright lad, let us see if he can learn."The prior looked disdainfully at the Brother but noticing that the other brothers had all stopped to watch the exchange he nodded his ascent. "but he will continue to do his duties in the kitchen"So Aiden began his studies. During the first two years there he was well loved by all but the Prior who loved no little russians sex pedo one.Aiden was indeed a bright lad child fuch pedo and quickly learned how to read and was soon reading in chapel and reading for some of the older monks who could no longer see or were too old and weak to come to the scriptorium or chapel to take ls magazine kds pedo read for themselves. The Prior would have sent them away but pedo nude incest the Brothers had blocked his wishes.Aiden's abilities and his gentleness and kindness won him only detestation from the Prior but affection from everyone else.It was when he was sixteen years old that he was taken aside one night by Brother Patrick a young monk. thailand pedo sex He too was as were many there, the youngest son of one of the earls in porno pedo rape the region. He had settled in quite pedo free foto well. As his position in life was not unwanted as Aiden's had been, he was at least treated with some politeness by the prior. Over the course of Aiden's training Patrick had been first assigned to help Aiden. They quickly became fast friends Patrick little pedo girl taking the younger lad under his wing often protecting him from the Prior's anger and spitefulness.That evening Aiden in serving the evening meal had tripped over a cobble in the floor sending the bread and plates he was carrying flying. The prior went immediately into a rage. Kicking at the boy and finally beating him with his staff. "You useless creature!! When will I be free of this plague that you are"The other brothers looked on sadly as Aiden tried to escape the flailing staff. Most were terrified of the Prior and rarely dared challenge him. Aiden scrambled out of the way at one point and found himself behind Brother Patrick. The Prior reached out to push the brother out of the way. However he found that Patrick wouldn't move. Instead the younger man softly and gently said: "My dear Lord Prior, the lad merely tripped on the uneven floor that I have even witnessed you trip on in the past. He did not offend the gates of Heaven my lord. I think his punishment is enough do you not?"The Prior glared at Patrick. The impertinence of the man! However the priory received not only Brother Patrick but also a generous gift every year from the young man's father. Both men knew that the older russian illegal pedo lo man was not about to jeopardize that gift. The prior backed off."Get out of my sight" he spat at Aiden."He is not to have his ration this night" he further added to the company.Aiden pedo teen pics with a grateful pedo land children look at his friend scurried out of the hall to his cell, where he collapsed on his bed sobbing in pain.Some time later he was wakened by the soft caressing of his brow by a gentle hand. He had fallen asleep apparently. His eyes fluttered open to see Brother Patrick sitting by his side. "How are you my friend?""I'm alright Brother Patrick""That I know is not true" Patrick smiled"Why does he hate me so Brother? I have never done anything liitle teenager pedo to make him treat me so.""I don't know Aiden, he is a hateful man, I don't know how he is in the position he is in."Aiden was sobbing softly again. So Patrick sat up on the bed and pulled the boy to him so that Aiden was leaning into him. There he rocked him back and forth. "It will be alright, I will protect you." From the folds of his cassock Patrick 13 yr video pedo produced a piece pedo gallery japan of bread and some cheese.As he watched the boy eat, Patrick overcome with pity and some other emotion that he could not then define, pedo yo pic young kissed Aiden. Aiden at the kiss stopped eating and looked up at Patrick. They stared into each other's eyes. Then as though inexorably drawn by some unseen force their faces came together and they kissed, lips meeting softly at first. They drew away slightly and then back again this time with purpose. They kissed for some time. Brother Patrick began to gently caress Aidens back. Aiden for his part wrapped his arms around Patrick. If he erotic pedo young had pain it seemed to melt in to something else both men found themselves extremely aroused.Patrick lay Aiden back down on his mat and lay down beside him. They continued extreme pedo to kiss deeply. Their tongues were drawn in to the action. They were moaning softly to each other.With his free hand Patrick pulled up the younger man's cassock and found his very hard member. He gently took it into cp underground pedo his hand and began to stroke it slowly up and down, It was not long before it was spurting out a massive load of fluid. Aiden groaned out his pleasure as his sperm flew up and over the two of them. Patrick let go Aiden's member illegal child pedo porn and found his own, beginning to bring himself to an orgasm as well. Aiden seeing what was happening said "No my dear teens pedo sex brother let me"He replaced Patrick's hand with his own and soon Patrick was also exploding over them with his own man's fluid. They lay together for some time after that before Patrick got up and pedophile photos silent as df pedo sample video the night slipped away.They would meet pedo pick again many, many times over the next several years. Whether any of the other brothers or the Prior were aware of it, no one said. Under Patrick's protection lesbian 12 yo pedo of sorts and certainly his love, Aiden actually flourished. After the altercation in the dining hall the prior tended to leave Aiden alone, at least while Patrick was about.Then in the early winter of Aiden's 12th year at the Monastery, everything changed. Patrick and Aiden had gone for a walk along the cliffs behind the Chapel overlooking the ocean as they often did. They were out of site of the buildings when Aiden turned to his beloved Patrick and they kissed. teensex childsex pedo The stood there in embrace for sometime as they had done in that very location so many times before over the years. It was a well hidden dip in the landscape and it pedo stories and pics had been their private location for some time.This time however as they turned to make their way back to the compound they found themselves face to face with the old prior, his face contorted with rage. "You vile creatures! So this is what you have been doing." He said nothing else but picture pedofilia free turned and hurried back to the Monastery.Patrick and Aiden were terrified. Though Patrick did have some power over him this was something that the prior would have the supremacy pedo teen fuck in. They decided that for the next little while till they knew what the old man was going to do, to keep away from each other. They did not have long to wait.On the morning of the second day after they had been discovered, a horseman arrived with a message for the Prior. Upon reading it the old man sneered evilly. He immediately summoned Patrick to his room. No one else was present. "I have sought and gotten approval for you to go to St Finians to spend your days in seclusion. You are hereby relieved of your duties and you are to report immediately to my lord Prior Father John at St Finians. There is a horseman waiting to transport you even as we speak.""I must go and bid farew.." Patrick was cut off"No there is not time to waste pedo pic sex on tearful farewells, you will go right this moment." The Prior led Patrick into the courtyard where the horseman was waiting with a horse for Patrick. This in itself was strange as monks usually travelled on foot pedophile paysites or on a mule at best. It was clear that the Prior had arranged the horse to get him out of the Monastery as quick as may be.Patrick looked frantically about for a glimpse of Aiden as he followed the man out of the compound. How could he get a message to his beloved pedo torture pics Aiden? He wept silently to himself as the saw his home and that of kiddie porn pedo his love for these past many years disappear from sight. That evening as the bell tolled to call the brothers for their evening meal Aiden rushed across the compound. Meal times the last couple days had been the only time that he had been able to get close to Brother Patrick as they sat together at the table. It was free pedo fuck there he would once again feel the warmth of his love's body as their legs would touch surreptitiously under the table.As he entered the small dining hall Brother Patrick was not there in his usual place. He was always there ahead of Aiden but he was not there. Aiden looked about the hall to see of perhaps he was talking with someone.Suddenly behind him Aiden heard svens pedo the old rattling voice of the Prior softly saying in his ear. "Your precious Brother Patrick is gone, did he not come to bid you farewell?"Aiden spun around "Where did he go"The Prior only children pedo pics smiled and proceded to the front to lead the blessing for the meal.After pedo kid fuck he had prayed he said "My dear brothers our dear brother Patrick has departed from us to St Finians to spend some time in solitude. He told me that he needed to be alone with his Lord and desired to be sent there. They will give zeps pedo porn him the solitude he so wishes.St Finians most of the brothers knew was an austere assembly within the order in which total silence was the rule. The brothers lived in individual stone little pedo child sex shelters from which they only came for Sunday worship and the necessities of life.Aiden blanched as the announcement was made. Why had Brother Patrick at least not come to bid him farewell? He looked over at the prior and noticed that the old man was watching him with an almost malevolent smile on his face. pedo pussy movies He had seen to it that Patrick would be removed from there. Aiden knew it in his soul. Brother Patrick was forbidden to come say good bye to him. pedo teen pics free Aiden smiled weakly at the man trying to put as brave a front on it as possible.After the meal the Prior came to him again and told him pedo russia illegal baby to be out at the cross at moon rise. Aiden wondered what that was about.The cross was a large stone cross that stood near the edge of the cliff overlooking the sea. Brothers often went there during the day to pray and contemplate. It was also a place for special services on Easter. But to go there at night was unheard of . By moon rise all would be asleep.Nevertheless as the moon was rising Aiden made his way out to the cross. There, his form silhouetted in front of the moon he saw the figure of the Prior waiting for him."Your brother Patrick is paying for his sin with his life at St Finians. You will pay for it here. Kneel! Pray for your soul Brother Aiden" child porn pedofilia video The prior spat out the title of "brother" with disgustAiden knelt before the great cross which stood a full two heights of a man"Now close your eyes and pray for your life" Aiden bowed his head.With no nude bikini pedo a strength that amazed even the old man, the brought a large oak cudgel above his head and brought it crashing down crushing the young praying man's skull with it. Aiden collapsed forward dead as he fell.The old man dragged the body to the cliff's edge and threw it over. The tide that night would take it away.The next morning one of the brothers going out early to pray found the cross splattered with blood. Upon looking photo pedo kids fuck over the cliff he saw the body of a man. The tide had not taken him away. When they went to investigate they found Aiden's shattered body. His head crushed. They carried his body back up to his cellThe little pedo vids prior upon seeing the monks carrying Aiden's body into the compound and upon hearing whose body it was, was taken in pedofilia nudes a massive stroke and died instantly.The Brothers suspected that it was the prior that had killed the lad. They buried Aiden beside the cross where site pedo portal they suspected he had died. Over the years the cross became known first as Aiden's Cross and with the passage of time, St Aiden's CrossIt was a year later to the day that Brothers Aerin was wakened just at moon rise to the sound of wailing on the cliff. As he went out to investigate he saw or thought he saw something moving out by the cross crying out. free black pedoporn What the apparition was crying Aerin could not decipher ..and then it was gone.When he reported it in the morning to the new prior (under whose rule things were much more peaceful and calm) , it was put off as Aerin's pedoporn free download imagination, he was after all a old man and who knew what he had been dreaming.However it happened again the same night a year later. This time several of the other brothers heard nude child free pedo and saw the same thing. It was said that St Aiden's ghost wandered pedo girls sex about the cliff by the cross every year on the same night, searching for his Patrick. As the centuries rolled on people would report to hearing St Aiden calling for his Patrick every year on the last night in NovemberPatrick Lucas pedo incest porn video was half asleep, half in a state of unconsciousness, as the moon slowly rose."My Brother Patrick you have come back" A voice said behind him. He opened his eyes and saw a young man dressed in a monk's cassock smiling at him.The young man lay down beside Patrick and kissed him. Patrick felt a warm glow rush through his body as he received the kiss and then returned it, with equal passion."I have searched so long for you my love" The young monk said "I love you so"Patrick felt his clothes slowly being removed. pedo homemade He could not and had no desire to resist. Although moments before he was shaking with cold he now was over come with the heat of the young man's body on his. His body was clothed in feeling that he had pedo 12 sex never experienced before. it was an ecstatic feeling of complete sexual pleasure and total sense of well being. It was so right sexo pedo childer that he was here with this man.The man took him completely. As he was about to convulse in his massive orgasm it was a if he rose above the scene. He watched as Aiden . Yes! That was his name! He knew who this man was! It was his Aiden!. he watched as Aiden and felt as Aiden sucking so warmly so gently on his member. He watched as Aiden drank down his offering to him. Then Aiden slowly rose with him . He saw his naked body lying there stretched out . not movingAiden took Partick's hand and turned away from the body and the cross."Come with me sleeping child pedo my dear Patrick and we will never be apart again, you are home."Patrick holding the Aiden's hand followed. He felt good, he felt whole again. He was over come with indescribable joy and peace.Epilogue:The next morning a shepherd searching for a lost sheep came across Patrick's body. Stretched out on his back naked pedo movie clips beneath the cross. His clothes scattered about. There was a look of peace on the young man's face as he lay there, frozen to deathThe Shepherd upon searching the clothes for some indication of who this man might be found an old worn leather billfold. It was empty. However on the outside there seemed to be a name inscribed with gold embossing. The only part of the name that was still legible pedo gallery boys was "Patrick" nothing else was found that would identify him any further. only "Patrick"The Shepherd crossed himself"So St Aiden has found his japanese pedo mags Patrick." He said softly. He gently covered the body with the clothes.Two days later he came back with some men and a priest. "I tell ya Fayther, St Aiden has found his Patrick"Upon seeing the body the priest crossed himself and breathed a prayer. As he pondered the sight before him and the bill fold he wondered what it could mean. The young man was obviously at peace. There was no sign dark pedo collections of struggle. He had stripped himself, so it seemed and merely lay down at kiddie pedo links russian the foot of the cross and died. The priest told the men to dig a grave on the left hand side of the Cross. "They should be together then for ever"He noted some years later that no one had heard St. Aiden's wail again, from that night Patrick had come home.
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